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#metoo #churchtoo #ustoo?

In partnership with

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23rd March 2019

9.30am - 6pm

Mary Sumner House

24 Tufton Street

London | SW1P 3RB

A one-day conference for Christians about male violence with a focus on domestic abuse and wider themes of #metoo and #churchtoo. This event also celebrates the launch of "Out Of Control", a new book by Gender Justice Specialist, Natalie Collins.

Who's Who?

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Natalie Collins

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Natalie is organising the conference.  She is a Gender Justice specialist, Director of the DAY Programme, runs Spark, is writing the Own My Life Course, co-founded th Christian Feminist Network, founded the Fifty Shades is Abuse campaign and organises Project 3:28.  She blogs and tweets as God Loves Women.

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Near Neighbours

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Near Neighbours have partnered with Natalie to enable the conference to happen. They bring together people in diverse communities, to create relationships of trust and to help people transform their neighbourhoods. Over 1 million people have benefitted from Near Neighbour projects, they have awarded £5 million in small grants to help local groups develop relationships and improve their communities.

Click here to find out more about the conference speakers
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